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St. Louis Metro Area Sonographers is a dynamic group of sonographers and physicians who are dedicated to the field of sonography. The goal of this member group is to provide continuing education (CME), professional growth and networking opportunities to sonographers in the region. While our name is St. Louis Metro Area Sonographers, we welcome sonographers from all areas.


Our year starts in September with an annual fee of only $25.00


Every sonographer is required by the ARDMS, CCI or ARRT to aquire 30 or more CME credits every three years. By joining SLMAS you will have the opportunity to aquire CME credits annually. Although CMEs are important, they are not the only reason to choose membership. Sonography is a fast growing and ever changing field - collectively we are stronger than we are individually. Having a community of sonographers that is highly skilled, educated and dedicated benefits the community as a whole.

Mini Symposium CME's

As many of you know there have been problems gettting your CME's from the Mini Symposium.  We want to apologize for the long wait, unfortunately it has been out of our control. We are as frustrasted as you are and thank you for your patience. There has been a problem with the SDMS website. This is from a recent email we have received:

Here is the note I received from SDMS:
Dear Mary,
As you may know, we have experienced unforeseen issues with the new CME Management              System, and have decided to revert back to the previous system until those issues are resolved. This will allow providers the ability to manage their approved activities and apply for new activities as needed, as well as give us time to refine the new system to better serve you. The new system will be released in 2018.
Thank you for being an SDMS CME Provider, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Your patience and continued support of the SDMS is appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the SDMS Learning Department.

Access the SDMS
CME Managment Sytem
Thank you,
SDMS Learning Department

Some attendees have begun to get their CME certificates, so hopefully this will be full resolved soon.

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